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Full Spectrum Power P2 Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery

EDR Performance


The Pulse P2 is the world's best light weight lithium battery. The P2 has powered more race wins and championships than all other light weight lithium batteries combined. The Pulse P2 is perfect for engines between 601cc and 1000cc. It is capable of starting 1000cc WSBK engines and is used by multiple factory teams in the 2014 World Superbike Championship.

At just 720 grams (1.7lbs) the Pulse P2 saves up to 7lbs from your stock battery! 

Optional charger addon comes with a lithium-ion specific trickle charger, quick-disconnect harness and alligator connectors for easy and fully automatic use.

Dimensions: 11.7cm x 6.4cm x 9.6cm

CCA: 250 cranking amps and 5 amp hour capacity.

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