Speedcell S1 Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery

EDR Performance


The newest generation of the original Lithium Motorsports Battery. Speedcell's Legacy Series is built on our signature of small, lightweight, high capacity and 100% Designed, Built and Delivered from their facility right here in the USA.


50cc - 600cc for Street and Standard Application

50cc - 1000cc for Racing Application

Kit Includes:

(1) Legacy 2.5Ah Supersport Battery
(1) Universal Ring Terminal Harness
(1) Mounting Industrial Strength Velcro
(1) Sticker Pack


Low Maintenance - Your Speedcell battery arrives fully charged & performance load tested, ready for use.  No maintenance charge is required to maintain capacity of your Speedcell battery as long as your motorcycles charging circuit (stator and voltage regulator) are in good working order.  To counter the affects of parasitic draw over long periods of inactivity / storage, we recommend that you simply disconnect your Speedcell battery until you are ready to ride again. No other action or again maintenance charge is required.  In a disconnected state, Speedcell batteries have a shelf life of 10 years

Safety - In the event of a faulty charging (over charge or over discharge) issue Speedcell batteries are designed to prevent or reduce the chances of thermal runaway through circuit interruption.  In addition our custom housings are constructed of flame retardant materials to further reduce fire hazards due to the events associated with thermal runaway.

Toolless Integration - Every Speedcell comes equipped with our Quick Disconnect System which has no exposed conventional terminal posts. This prevents any possibility of dead shorting, making the Battery safer than those with exposed terminals and allows for the rapid toolless connection and disconnection of the Battery. This type of connection is not vulnerable to vibration and therefore is a more reliable and secure connection than those found on a traditional terminal post setup.

Performance - Speedcell Power Systems lead the industry standard in high performance LiFePO4 batteries.  With peak amperage capabilities exceeding 2X that of our nearest competitor and a 68% faster recovery rate, our performance is unparalleled in terms of repeatable brute power delivery.  But it doesn't stop there, our proprietary build process ensures the lowest total impedance resulting high output consistency and total wattage delivered over the life of the battery.

Platform Technology - All Speedcell batteries can integrate with any motorcycle utilizing our universal harness adapter. If you find that your build calls for higher performance electrical components than the OEM system can provide, we also offer model specific Kit Battery harnesses that plug n play directly into your Speedcell battery.  In addition all Speedcell batteries come equipped with multi function expansion port integrated into the battery housing.  This expansion port is capable of providing not only a charge / diagnostic interface but also up to 3 additional 12V circuits, each capable of providing 3A of current.  Giving you the end user a Plug N Play circuit expansion! 

 Cost Benefit - In a 10 year period the average rider can go through 6 lead acid batteries with an average cost of $80 / unit  for a total of $480 in replacement costs. While our batteries may have a higher initial price point, our life expectancy is in excess of 10 years coupled with little to no maintenance required making the choice clear.

Race Proven Technology for YOU - With an unparalleled pedigree and almost a decade of championships Speedcell Technologies is the choice of professional race teams world wide seeing service in Moto America, Moto2 and WSBK.  Our top tier technology, performance, innovation and reliability sought at the professional level is the very same that we deliver to you our customer.  Whether you are hitting the streets on your cruiser, the MX track on your dirt bike or you are a hardcore club racer Speedcell has the right solution for you.  

Technical Specs:

Capacity: 2.5Ah @ 13.2VDC

Discharge Profile: 120A Pulse @10 sec / 50A Continuous (above 12.0VCD)

Charge Method:
STD: 1.0A @14.4VDC x 120min
Rapid: 5.0A @ 14.4VDC x 24min

Weight and Size:
12cm (L) x 3.4cm (W) x 8.4cm (H) / 4.7in (L) x 1.3in (W) x 3.3in (H)

.414kg / .912lbs

 Made in America

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